Sunday, January 13, 2008

Follow ups/ updates/ horn toots

I was reading a blog that referred me to so I went and looked. It is a word meaning game that feeds people through the UN. Every word definition you get right donates 20 grains of rice to those who need it. But I gotta admit it is kind of addicting. Especially when your vocabulary level is rated. My highest level is 40.

Here is a picture of how my magnum P.I hair is coming. Yesterday I found myself whistling the theme song while painting. Jenn brought it to my attention.

I am now selling a new product line in addition to my current arsenal. They include but are not limited to, roof tars, patches and sealants, driveway tars, patches and sealants, and wall paper remover and glues as well as spackles and stuccos. I recieved a good size existing client base to start which is a nice help.

My sis Erin called my claims of finding deals to the challenge. She said that the cheapest flight she could find to Salt Lake during her dates was $350 return and I found her one for $220.

I got another roof job.

I started chopping up the bathroom only to find that there will be more chopping and patching than I had imagined.

We are getting excited for our trip.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Death, Taxes and left side throat burps

Last night at midnight the calendar year crept 1 year closer to my imminant death. I only thought of this because I was deathly ill yesterday and completely missed out on the celebrations. I had a fever, and a wrenching gut among other things for the entire day and night. Here is a picture of me around 10:00pm.

I woke up at around 12:20 swimming in my bed from sweat (yuck) and thought about how my 2006 taxes are now a full year overdue. It just so happens that I had planned to finish them off yesterday before I became ill.

I took a swig of gatorade to try and get some liquids back into me and then I layed down on my left side to go back to sleep. Then.....the craziest thing happened. Its not so crazy to me anymore but it will be to anyone who reads this I'm sure. I had some air in my stomach that kept trying to come up but couldnt' come out. This resulted in a burbing noise in my chest and throat every 5 seconds. This happens to me if I 'm sick or not. If I drink or eat something and lay down on my left side it will invariably happen. It never happens when I lay on my right side but If I flip over it will. It is creepy. I was tossed between being comfortable staying and waking Jenn up from my left side chest burbs or turning over and letting her sleep where I had been for hours. Since she didn't seem to say anything she must have been in a deep enough sleep, I stayed put.

I thought this phenomenon might have something to do with the left lung being smaller than the right lung and maybe it compresses more than the right to trap air in but I think burps come from your stomach. Besides, I hadn't heard of anyone else having this problem.