Friday, May 29, 2009

Erasure Unyouthfulness

There is a song that pops into my head from time to time. A tune that we used to dance to at the youth church dances in the 80's. It was done by Erasure and the first verse goes:

"I'd like to be a child again, so many things to do
Playground noise and colour toys, and everything brand new......."

Although it is true that children are easily amused by colours and toys, there is probably more truth in the observation that little boys are attracted to critters and animals. It was this urge, im sure, that jumped up out of their little bodies and snatched my birthday card off the Walmart shelf. They woke me last week to gift it to me on my birthday. I share:
You see, if a squirrel sharing his loot is cute to you,imagine how bad Konrad and Anders would have felt to have left him on the shelf. Then I opened it up to read the anticipated clever caption. I share:

Turns out, scooters gift came in handy. I will try to explain that but first enter 2nd verse of Erasure "when I needed you most":

"....I'd like to be a pirate ship, in search of hidden gold
on ocean waves I'd swim away, and sail around the world"

Ever since I have had it in my head to build a cabin this summer I have been on a treasure hunt, searching for tools, supplies, and ideas at discounted prices (only when the free supplies are elusive), searching "hidden gold" if you will, to build Nauvoo haus.

On Tuesday I found myself climbing a 40' Tv Antenna. After asking around, I found a good man who agreed to let me have his TV antenna if I took it down for him. I was nervous since I've never had experience with these things. However, this is where Scooter the squirrel's nut helped me out. Although, it probably had less to do with testosterone and more with the climbing genetics that, doubtless, runs in Scooters family. Anyhow, with my dads old Bell Canada climbing belt a few deep breaths, and a good quality diaper, I made my way up to the top. While on top the wind had a little fun with me as I swayed about 2-3 feet it seemed back and forth. After some creative manoevers and with my dads encouragement from the ground we managed to dismantle it piece by piece. I share:

I have a similar picture with a 12' satellite dish on top of my car. No I am not starting a spy station or a behind-the-curve telecommunications company. The TV tower will be used to make myself a crane that will help me position the 500lb logs of the cabin on days when I am working at the lake solo. The dish, well......lets just say that is next years project and without going into details, I plan on powering our entire cottage with electricity using the dish.