Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Next Big Adventure: The Maghreb

A few years ago, Jennifer and I decided to venture out of our comfort zone and experience a new culture.  We chose Morocco.  We became enchanted with this ancient land and promised each other we would be back.  Morocco has got to be the most photogenic place on the planet.  I would encourage anyone reading this to go to Google, click images, and type in "Morocco".  Then scroll through a couple of hundred photos to see some of the rich colour, and culture.  The one thing you won't get from the images are the smells and the sounds.  They add to the sense of ancient about the place.

Now fast forward a couple of years.  We just had our 3rd son Ezra.  Jenn has been off of work for almost 2 years,  when she gets a phone call.  It is the Canadian foreign service.  They offer her a position with 1 year of French language training and 2 more years of training within her position before she is to become "rotational".  This means she will be taking posts around the world.  With each passing year we would see the list of cities available for post for that year.  We would spend nights imagining ourselves in those places which would only add to our desire for adventure.  

When we received the list in September 2013 it had the following options:  Santo Domingo, Abu Dhabi, Lima, Lagos, Columbo, Guangzhou, Rabat, Bridgetown, Brussels, Kabul, Caracas, San Salvador, Bangkok and a few others.

The one that stood out to us was RABAT.  This was our chance to get back to Morocco.  We put it atop our list and within 2 months were notified that we needed to prepare to move.  We are headed to Morocco.  

Currently we are trying to prepare all things for our posting in Morocco.  We have been contacted by various members of the church there (there is a small unofficial branch for the expats).  They seem wonderful.  We are trying to prepare our children for the adventure.  Anders thinks it is exciting because he found out they have lizards there!  

Sad to say but we are thin on family photos.  Here is the most recent one I could find with all of us on it.  Looking forward to our adventure in Africa: